Respect patients' trust during eyewear selection
Respect patients' trust during eyewear selectionBuild a rapport with patients and understand they are placing trust in staffers when choosing new glasses. Tami Hagemeyer, ABOC, FNAO, offers suggestions to maximize patients' satisfaction with the process.
USC and VSP collaboration maximizes wearable sensor in eyeglasses
The growing green trend in opticalIf you’ve walked the show floor at a Vision Expo show in the last few years, you might have noticed a small, but growing trend in optical. Among the flashy displays, bright-colored frames in increasingly elaborate designs, you might notice more and more brands are taking on an eco-friendly approach to their fashionable frames.
Sen. Schumer: Focus on something really importantWhile I’m sure Sen. Schumer is fully conversant on all topics relating to eyewear as evidenced by his outstanding frame selection, those of us practicing in the real world fully recognize that our patients have a wide variety of choices when selecting eyewear, from our own opticals to those of local competitors and online vendors.
Senator calls for changes to eyewear regulations
Senator calls for changes to eyewear regulationsU.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) recently called on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to change regulations on eyeglasses prescriptions to promote competition in the eyecare industry and lower prices on eyewear.
Revenue tips for your practice
Revenue tips for your practiceIn her latest blog, Donna Suter, gives advice on adding an extra profit boost to your clinic.
Inside the mind of the evolving eyewear consumerThe eyewear market is changing more rapidly than ever, and it is no longer acceptable to sell the same way to each consumer. Staying up-to-date on how to leverage unique marketing to every generation is the key to success.
After Shark Tank, Frameri online optical finds success
After Shark Tank, Frameri online optical finds successIf you caught a recent episode of ABC’s Shark Tank, you may have gotten a look at eyewear’s latest startup company.
Why the interview is vital to optical salesBy asking a series of targeted questions, the optician learns about the specific set of needs and wants of the customer. The goal is to learn how, when, where, and why the customer uses his or her eyes each day.
It’s all about the eyewearRecently, I had a patient return to my office shortly after his yearly exam. This gentleman has advanced glaucoma, and after my initial diagnosis, he has undergone several surgical procedures by the comanaging ophthalmologist that has stabilized his condition. He was back in the office complaining of distance blur through his new spectacles. His exact words: “Thanks for helping me with my glaucoma, doc, but I can’t see a thing outta these new glasses you gave me.”