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Improve your practice: Patient visitsIn this month’s article, Dr. Andrew Schuman focuses on improving the office visit experience for your young patients. By following his advice, you will be rewarded with parental loyalty, a busy and prosperous practice, and patients who look forward to their office visits.
Help your patients out of their optical comfort zoneOne Sunday afternoon while at our local mall, I ran into Mary, a wonderful lady who has been a loyal patient for many years. We exchanged pleasantries, she asked about my family, and I inquired about her new grandchild.
5 tips to keep your exams on track
5 tips to keep your exams on trackHave you ever sat in the exam room with a patient and felt like the exam had gotten away from you?
4 smart moves to save time & money in your practicePractical tips for eliminating unnecessary steps and time-sappers in your daily operations.
7 tips for leaving a patient alone in the exam roomWhen you leave a patient alone in a room, she is left to her own devices and is free to wreak havoc in your exam room if she so desires. Or look in places not meant for patients. You want your patient to be as comfortable as possible—but you want your exam room to remain intact.