Rapidly growing nodule on infant’s posterior thighThe parents of a healthy 5-month-old boy bring him to the office for evaluation of an enlarging yellowish nodule on the back of his right thigh. It started as a pink macule several months ago and became yellow and lumpy over the last month. The infant was born at term and has grown and developed normally. His parents deny any trauma, but report occasional bleeding from the surface of the nodule. They deny any new medications or outdoor exposures. There is no history of new topical skin products.
Pediatric stroke: Risk factors and diagnostic challenges
Pediatric stroke: Risk factors and diagnostic challengesRecent data indicate that the incidence of stroke in the pediatric population is much higher than previously estimated, and the explanation may be multifactorial, including more accurate methods of ascertainment as well as increased recognition because of greater awareness and advances in imaging.
Retinal vascular disease and its underlying etiologyRetinal vaso-occlusive disorders are common causes of vision loss and blindness in the world. Diabetic retinopathy, the most prevalent retinal vascular disease, is a leading cause of blindness in patients between 20 to 74 years of age in the U.S.