The ‘house’ of ethics: A teaching tool67% of residency directors reported that a lack of faculty expertise in medical ethics was a significant barrier to their attempts to provide a more comprehensive educational process. I have a proposal for a solution to these problems: Teaching about the “house of ethics” in ob/gyn, as we do at Vanderbilt University.
Let’s prevent parents from becoming newborn screen refusers!I truly fear a day when parents are asked to consent to every routine newborn screening. The outcomes for newborns whose parents refuse newborn screening would be disastrous.
A Bioethicist’s Perspective: Why consent for newborn screening mattersA bioethicist discusses the history of newborn screenings and the serious reasons behind the need for informed consent.
The ethics of care for techniciansUnderstand how autonomy, justice, beneficence, and non-malfeasance come into play
Ethics involved in using anti-VEGFs for pediatric patientsParents must be given a full understanding of the treatment risks and potential alternatives in pediatric ROP cases.
Telehealth: The balance between access and ethicsThe use of telemedicine has grown dramatically in recent years. For patients, it may mean increasing convenience and access, but questions remain among providers as to how and when telemedicine should be used.
When can I accept a patient's gift?
When can I accept a patient's gift?Dr. Goldberg discusses five patient gifting situations. Are any of these acceptable?
Home birth: The obstetrician's ethical response
Home birth: The obstetrician's ethical responseThe professional responsibility model of obstetric ethics provides a powerful antidote to maternal rights-based reductionism.
USPSTF mammography guidelines spark debate
USPSTF mammography guidelines spark debateThe USPSTF updated recommendations on mammography have sparked discussion on screening in younger women. Plus, does exposure to gestational diabetes increase risk of autism? What are the implications of genome editing?
ANA releases first update to code of ethics since 2001Nurses are frequently faced with ethical dilemmas in the workplace and now they have new guidance to help navigate stick situations.