estate planning

How to utilize a sophisticated medical risk model in estate planningJust as the medical profession strives to manage health and disease risks to ensure sound health, the estate planning profession strives to manage risks to ensure a client and his or her family's financial health and wellbeing.
Identify role, responsibility of persons in estate planningThis second part of this series on the basics of estate planning will cover those roles and responsibilities associated with the documents, which include a will, a power of attorney, a health care power of attorney, and a living will.
The secrets of financial flexibility
The secrets of financial flexibilityDoctors need a financial playbook that responds to their distinct careers. Keeping the cashflow to your practice flexible is important when starting out, but don't forget to plan for retirement.
Simplify your estate planningBecause of the high exemption amounts in place today, you have a great opportunity not only to update your estate planning documents, but simplify them as well
3 ways to avoid tax hits in estate planningThinking about the fine details and nuances of what will outlive us and be passed on to heirs can prove daunting even for the most pragmatic of physicians. Nevertheless, ignoring it is a mistake.
Evaluating your finance teamTax planning is like medicine. Each area has become so complex that one can only hope to become an expert in one discipline.