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FDA Shuts Down Fake PharmaciesA worldwide operation shuts down hundreds of illegal websites.
AAP's first-ever action plan for epinephrine and anaphylaxis
AAP's first-ever action plan for epinephrine and anaphylaxisAnaphylaxis is a serious, life-threatening allergic reaction that can occur suddenly without warning. In children and adolescents, the leading cause of anaphylaxis is exposure to food allergens. Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published 2 clinical reports that discuss guidance on appropriate epinephrine use for anaphylaxis and developing an emergency action plan for patients at risk.
Allergic Kids Aren’t Getting Enough Epinephrine
Allergic Kids Aren’t Getting Enough EpinephrineA new study shows that only a third of children suffering allergic reactions receive epinephrine immediately.
EpiPens Recalled Overseas Due to Reported FailuresTwo device failures lead Mylan to recall more than 80,000 EpiPens overseas.
Cheaper generic EpiPen doesn't quiet criticsDespite offering a generic version of its EpiPen, Mylan has been unable to curb the backlash that began in late August over the cost of its epinephrine injection.