Is the end of evidence-based guidelines near?Dr. Bass’ recent article in Contemporary Pediatrics, “Personalized medicine, right drug, right patient, right time,” provides a miniature but profound view of what may be the future of pediatric healthcare: focusing on healthcare that is truly individualized through precision science in the areas of diagnosis and treatment, rather than generalized, population-based treatment guidelines.
New Products: Hybrid basket, grabber provides capture, release of multiple stone sizesOther products discussed include a stent system for treating ureteral obstructions, a male infertility test, and more.
Genetic changes in diabetes are induced by obesity
Genetic changes in diabetes are induced by obesityNew study findings suggest that an epigenetic test could be created to identify those individuals early in the process of developing diabetes mellitus, providing hope for preventing the disease.
Toxic childhood stress changes gene expressionAbuse early in childhood affects how certain genes are turned on or off, which may help explain why severely stressed children are at higher risk of psychological and physical problems, a recent study suggests.
AAP addresses adverse effects of toxic stress on kids’ healthLeaders in pediatrics and others called for deepened emphasis on preventing toxic stress in children at an American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) June symposium in Washington, DC, saying biological sciences are now confirming the heavy toll that early adverse experiences take on physical and mental health.
Calcium protects against type 2 diabetesCalcium may help protect against type 2 diabetes mellitus in children at increased risk for the disease.