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Endometriosis may be tied to pregnancy complicationsResearchers in Japan have found that endometriosis ups risks of certain complications.
Screening for endometriosis risk in adolescentsA questionnaire looks for presence of symptoms that tend to begin in adolescence.
Endometriosis may be linked to heart diseaseThe finding of increased risk was robust across multiple endpoints and found to be highest among young women.
Endometriosis, ART, and pregnancy complications: Is there a connection?Women with endometriosis who have become pregnant through use of assisted reproductive technology may face increased rates of pregnancy complications.
Is the prevalence of endometriosis on the rise?Researchers gathered survey data to find out.
Is endometriosis as tied to infertility as we think?
Is endometriosis as tied to infertility as we think?A new study questions whether the risk of infertility linked to endometriosis is as bad as previously thought.
The case for surgery for endometriosisLaparoscopic excision should remain the standard of care for endometriosis, although its success depends on the surgeon’s ability to excise all disease from all effected areas.
Surgical management of endometriosis associated infertility: Time for a paradigm changeLess may be more when it comes to surgical management.