Good News for Health-System Pharmacists
Good News for Health-System PharmacistsAn ASHP survey found that more pharmacists are being hired due to expanding roles.
Fired by the 'captain of industry'
Fired by the 'captain of industry'No doubt, you, dear reader, have experienced the unpleasant situation of terminating an employee for one reason or another (poor performance, financial exigencies, etc.). But I would hope that we ophthalmologists perform this task in a more professional manner than that exemplified by The Captain of Industry.
Urologists take aim at prior auth, work force at AACU conferenceLeaders of more than 30 organizations representing urologists and scores more attendees came away from the 2015 AACU state advocacy conference with a better understanding of the complicated socioeconomic issues facing the profession and a resolve to not stand idly by as public policies impacting their patients and practice are developed in Washington and state houses across the country. Learn more.
Career decisions: Should you start, buy or join a practice?There are many ways to have a medical career. Choosing whether to take employment, buy a practice, or start from scratch involves assessing your personal and professional values, and the specific location you are targeting. The bottom line: Choose what will make you personally and professionally happy.
‘Linking in’ to optometry
‘Linking in’ to optometryLinkedIn is an online social media platform that connects professionals around the world with the goal of increasing productivity and success. Founded in 2003, the now ubiquitous tool has revolutionized the way people are hired. LinkedIn offers unique benefits to the prospective employee, making it a useful tool to have as an optometry student.
Moonlighting: Physicians expand income, experience by taking on secondary employmentA Medical Economics survey found nearly one-third of physicians earn a secondary income. Here's why more physicians are taking jobs outside of their practice.
Care guides help physicians manage patients with diabetes, heart disease, study finds
Care guides help physicians manage patients with diabetes, heart disease, study findsCould care guides with no medical background fill the gap in primary care for chronic disease management?
Physician turnover rate increases as demand for primary care remains highMedical groups reported an uptick in the rate of physician turnover in 2012, as the vast majority of groups who responded to a survey plan to hire more primary care physicians this year.