Most employees unsatisfied with employers' well-being programsWillis Towers Watson research finds a dramatic increase among employers seeking to differentiate their health and well-being programs for competitive advantage.
Genetic testing: 3 things managed healthcare executives should knowA new survey on genetic testing has surprisingly results on consumer acceptance and impact for healthcare executives.
Employee theft and embezzlementTo prevent employee theft, an expert recommends closely monitoring cash for and financial records, beefing up internal controls and keeping an eye on employees facing unusual pressures.
4 steps to adjust staff salaries“How do you give raises to your staff?” This is a common question among ODs. I have learned after several years of working with eyecare practices that we are all over the place in how we compensate our staffs.
4 tips for hiring the right employees for your practiceFinding the right staff is a continual treasure hunt for practices. Here is a process to follow to help you find top-notch candidates.
New flexible spending accounts carry-over rule to boost participationEmployees now have the ability to carry over up to $500 in unused funds into the next plan year
Managing staff performance with reviews and raisesNo matter if you are a good manager of your staff or not, at some point you will (or should) have to review their performance and consider raises
How to keep toxic employees from harming your practiceToxic employees can be a drag on your medical practice, sapping the morale of your staff and impacting how your patients view you. Here are some tips to help you identify and manage toxic employees, and provide these workers a chance to shape up before you have no choice but to ship them out.
How to motivate and retain the top employees are your practiceSuperstar employees know they do a great job, but they need you to recognize it and appreciate it. Here are ways you can keep your top performers on the team and help other workers to improve.
For many travelers, the road to insurance exchanges begins nowThere is time for many U.S. employees — including healthcare travelers — to figure out the best course if going the exchange route, which includes options consisting of state, federal, or joint-run online marketplaces where insurance options exist.