6 steps to survive a ransomware attack
6 steps to survive a ransomware attackHere are the six tips I learned to help survive a ransomware attack.
Eight patient engagement trends to watchBoosting patient engagement is critical as the industry shifts toward value-based payments. For payers and providers, higher engagement increases the likelihood of positive outcomes at lower costs.
Falling for an email phishing scam at the officeMy front desk team sent me an email that indicated they shared a Google document with me. We share documents with each other all of the time. When the email signature appeared slightly different, my first thoughts were, “Shoot! This isn’t right. I bet we have been hacked!”
Ten reasons why my practice doesn’t have a phone
Ten reasons why my practice doesn’t have a phoneMany of you know I pulled the plug on a practice website and went full on social media nearly eight years ago. However, most of you probably don’t know that around the same time, I also cut the cord on the phone!
Electronic communication tips for physiciansPhysicians and consultants share advice on communicating electronically with patients.
How to master electronic communication with patientsPrivacy, security, professionalism remain top priorities as use of e-messaging, patient portals, and social media grows.