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Best tech for Pediatrics: 2017It’s time for Dr. Schuman’s annual year-end review of the new tech that’s changing how pediatricians care for children. Check out his recommendations!
Simplify gaps in care and improve member complianceData is key to helping providers increase member compliance, and technology has made this delivery simpler and more effective.
How MIPS affects ODs’ Medicare paymentsOptometrists who see Medicare patients are being graded on their performances, and this grade will affect their 2019 Medicare payments.
Maintaining excellence in obstetrics and gynecologyFaced with dramatic changes in the practice and financing of medicine during the past 2 decades, clinicians, educators, and researchers have struggled to adapt. Obstetrics and gynecology has seen an increased emphasis on subspecialization, without equal emphasis on enhancing women’s care.
Coding griefKevin's mother and father came to what should have been his 4-month group well-child appointment without him.
Meaningful use losing its meaning?Regulations surrounding electronic health records are evolving. The medical community waits hopefully for a system that focuses more on outcomes and less on the use of technology itself.
Opinion: 6 ways to modernize federal health data policyCreating a national data policy framework for empowered consumer choices.
Connected: Telepharmacy unites the team
Connected: Telepharmacy unites the teamNow, that pharmacist on the other side of the country is only a mouse-click away.
New rule would give ONC power to better enforce EHR certificationThe federal government announced Tuesday proposed rules that would give its Office of the National Coordinator for Healthcare Technology (ONC) greater oversight to ensure that certified electronic health records (EHR) can actually fulfill the functions physicians need them to, especially when it comes to interoperability.
Your Voice: EHRs can’t replace face-to-face patient careEHRs, physician shortages, patient records are the latest topics of discussion in this issue's Your Voice.