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6 lessons to take away from the presidential race
6 lessons to take away from the presidential raceRegardless of the outcome of the presidential race, there is much about practice management and leadership to be learned from mainstream media’s coverage of the two front-runners’ race to the White House.
How do we help children with election rhetoric?As Election Day nears, the intensity of the campaign and level of emotion continues to rise beyond anything remembered. Children are remarkably resilient to all this input, at least on the surface, but one has to wonder what they are thinking and likely worrying about just below the surface.
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Clinton vs. Trump: 5 critical election issues
Clinton vs. Trump: 5 critical election issuesFive key areas of healthcare, the candidates’ proposals for them, and analysis from experts.
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Physicians demand answers from presidential candidatesAs part of our election poll, we asked Medical Economics’ readers, “If you could ask the presidential candidates one question, what would you ask?” Here were some of the inquiries that summed up the majority of replies by those taking our poll.