How do physicians care for the digitally isolated?
How do physicians care for the digitally isolated?Although some patients are already harnessing the capabilities of new and emerging technologies enabled by high-speed internet, others are missing out.
More Older Patients Have Medication Troubles Than You Think
More Older Patients Have Medication Troubles Than You ThinkWhat problems your older patients are having (and what you can do about it).
Hospice consultation should be a quality metric
Hospice consultation should be a quality metricToo many physicians lack the skills to discuss end-of-life wishes with patients. It is awkward for the doctors to even bring up the topic in certain circumstances. Doctors are trained to save peoples’ lives, not to give up on them. But physicians need to change their mindset.
Five questions shaping the future of elder careAdvances in technology are creating new opportunities for health insurers to move beyond the role of payer to trusted partner in the protection and extension of our health and independence as we age.
How your pharmacy partners impact your Star RatingsAre you tracking your prospective pharmacy partners to measure their potential impact on your Star Rating? You should be.
Fall prevention strategies for hospitalsThe CDC says that one out of three older adults falls each year, making falls the leading cause of injuries for adults 65 and older. Here’s how some hospitals and programs are addressing the problem.
How to identify and treat frailty in older adults
How to identify and treat frailty in older adultsThe U.S. healthcare system is struggling to address the healthcare needs of country’s growing elderly population, which increases by one person every eight seconds.
Management of HBP in the elderly needs individualizationIn her presentation at the 2015 AHA Fall Conference, Nanette K. Wenger, MD, spoke about management of high blood pressure in the elderly. Wenger showed case studies to illustrate variations of blood pressure among elderly patients and how to manage them.
Four ways clinical pharmacists can improve managed careHere are four reasons a clinical pharmacist should be part of care teams for chronically-ill, elderly, and at-risk patient populations.
Over-prescribing antibiotics to nursing home residents dangerous for allAntibiotics are frequently and often inappropriately prescribed to nursing home residents, according to a new study in JAMA Internal Medicine. These antibiotics pose direct risks to recipients and indirect risks to others residents.