EHR Best Practices Study

EHR Best Practices: Making the system work for your practice
EHR Best Practices: Making the system work for your practiceTips to fine-tune your EHR to fit seamlessly into your practice workflow
Measuring EHR pain points: High cost, poor functionality outweigh benefits, ease of accessMedical Economics collected hundreds of comments from physicians about electronic health record (EHR) systems. While respondents noted the benefits EHRs provide in functions such as e-prescribing and mobile applications, they say cumbersome systems have drained cash from their practices, and worsened patient care because of inefficiencies.
EHR best practices: Pre-implementation
EHR best practices: Pre-implementationPhysicians, consultants, and vendors offer real-world advice on getting your EHR up and running.
Physician outcry on EHR functionality, cost will shake the health information technology sectorWhy a national outcry from physicians on EHR cost, functionality, and customer satisfaction will shake the health information technology sector
Cardiologist says EHR needs more custom featuresA Georgia specialist finds it hard to jot life details about patients on stagnant EHR fields
Smart planning helps practice succeed with EHRAn Atlanta, Georgia-based physician taps into his business acumen to make an EHR system work for his practice.
Cloud-based EHR helps practice connect in new waysA look at how an electronic health records (EHR) system made e-prescribing, charting, and reading a doctor’s handwriting easier for a family practice in Columbus, Ohio.
An update from doctors surveyed on EHR best practicesPhysicians address costs, hours worked, and advancement in meaningful use objectivesin Medical Economics EHR Best Practices Study
The EHR project: An interview with Melissa Lucarelli, MDAs part of our continuing coverage of Medical Economics EHR Best Practices Study, we spoke with Melissa Lucarelli, MD of Randolph Community Clinic. A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with an MD from the University of Illinois, she operates a rural solo practice in Randolph, Wisconsin. She is working with McKesson to implement an EHR system.
The art of medicine: It’s still personalParticipants in Medical Economics' EHR Best Practices Study share how they use EHRs and other technology to give their patients the personal touch.