EHR Best Practices

Six healthcare interoperability barriers to watch
Six healthcare interoperability barriers to watchIs interoperability in healthcare a dream, or will payers, providers, and technology vendors finally come together to make data more available to one another?
Are EHRs delivering on expectations?
Are EHRs delivering on expectations?Concerns among stakeholders may call for EHR system revamping
Find the right EHR for your practicePhysicians who consider changing EHRs can take steps to ensure the next system meets their needs
Finding ROI through EHR optimizationIt is important not to write off EHR systems as a sunk investment or simply as a cost of doing business in healthcare.
Physicians should embrace electronic prescribingIf you haven't implemented e-prescribing in your practice, now is the time. In addition to improved efficiencies, it will make patient care safer.
HIPAA breach: Secure data and prevent fines now
HIPAA breach: Secure data and prevent fines nowMany private practices lack written policies and procedures for data security and haven’t done a security risk assessment. Here's how to secure your practice.
Four ways to engage physicians in health IT initiativesCreating buy-in among hospital physicians when embarking on a new technology initiative can be difficult. Here are some tips.
Three considerations before choosing an EHRA successful EHR implementation should begin well before the vendor arrives at your practice
Educating Staff on Your New EHROne of the most important things that a practice can do is provide for adequate staff training on a new EHR system. Here are four steps for success.
Patient portals: Essential, but underused by physiciansMany physicians regard patient portals as just another hoop they have to jump through to get their electronic health record (EHR) incentives and/or avoid Medicare penalties. But that view can be short-sighted, consultants say, if practices neglect portal services that are attractive to patients.