Edward Holland, MD

Intranasal neurostimulator shows benefit for increasing tear productionResults from two pivotal multicenter trials demonstrate that an intranasal tear neurostimulator (TrueTear, Allergan) safely and effectively increases endogenous tear production in patients with dry eye disease (DED), said Edward Holland, MD.
Non-invasive punctal plug delivery system offers a host of positive performance characteristics
Non-invasive punctal plug delivery system offers a host of positive performance characteristicsA silicone punctal plug-based delivery system for ophthalmic medications (Evolute, Mati Therapeutics) provides precisely controlled medication release into the tear film and has been associated with positive results in initial clinical testing.
Solution reduces pain after cataract, IOL replacement surgeryPatients treated with Omidria (phenylephrine and ketorolac injection 1%/0.3%, Omeros) reported significantly less early postoperative pain following cataract surgery or IOL exchange than patients treated with placebo and also had significantly lower analgesic use. These findings suggest that use of Omidria could help improve patient satisfaction with these procedures.
Dealing with limbal stem cell deficiencyThere are many causes of limbal stem cell deficiency and it is important to know how to recognize them and how to intervene.
Reformulated nepafenac allows convenience of once-daily dosingHigher-concentration drug statistically superior to vehicle for achieving resolution of inflammation
Limbal deficiency more common than realizedLimbal stem cell deficiency is more common than often recognized, said Edward Holland, MD, director of Cornea Service at the Cincinnati Eye Institute and professor at the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati.