Amblyopia correction could lead to an increased reading speed and efficiency in school-aged kidsMark Silverberg, MD, shares the results of a study published in JAAPOS that the correction of Amblyopia correction could lead to an increased reading speed and efficiency in school-aged kids.
Survey finds stakeholders lack understanding of biosimilarsIt is important to look at how the introduction of biosimilars in the United States may affect your business and your stakeholders and plan for those changes accordingly, according to a new report.
‘No child left behind’ catches upThe new 391-page Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA; S.1177), the first major rewrite of federal education law in 14 years, has lists of provisions to impact children in myriad ways, including efforts on safe and healthy schools, many different behavioral issues, early childhood education, and homeless children.
Why you should mentor the next generation of derms
Why you should mentor the next generation of dermsAn exploration of the role of mentoring in the medical community, medical education, and learning in general.
Meaningful Use final rule: 4 Tips for hospitalsHospitals and physicians must be diligent in the implementation of their meaningful use business or strategic plan.
Finding a fellowshipTo choose a fellowship, an expert recommends considering everything from which procedures one will learn to what former fellows say about the experience.
Is full-day or part-day preschool best for school readiness?A comparison of the benefits of a 3-hour and a 7-hour daily preschool program found that compared with a shorter day, full-day preschool was associated with increased school readiness skills in 4 areas.
What's new at Vision Expo West 2014In this video, Dr. Mark Dunbar, OD, FAAO, co-chariman of International Vision Expo Conference Advisory Board, fills you in on the new educational offerings at Vision Expo West 2014.
High myopia linked to higher education levelsAttaining a higher level of education and spending more years in school have been linked to a greater prevalence and severity of myopia, according to a study recently published in Ophthalmology.
AAP addresses adverse effects of toxic stress on kids’ healthLeaders in pediatrics and others called for deepened emphasis on preventing toxic stress in children at an American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) June symposium in Washington, DC, saying biological sciences are now confirming the heavy toll that early adverse experiences take on physical and mental health.