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PAC promotes patient safety
PAC promotes patient safetyFour surgical organizations, one common goal: To advance and promote patient safety in cosmetic medicine.
Are you overlooking BDD?
Are you overlooking BDD?Do you routinely screen? Do you collaborate with a mental health professional?
The nose goes globalJ. Regan Thomas, M.D. says that surgeons (and patients) are embracing a new, global concept of the “ideal” nose.
The digital skin health revolutionMobile app for acne opens the door for use with skin aging and other aesthetic skin conditions.
The circles of prominence — revisited
The circles of prominence — revisitedRecent research examines iris width as the “perfect” aesthetic distance for five facial variables.
Sculptra: Beyond the faceAesthetic physicians share their experiences using injectable poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) to reshape and sculpt various body parts.
Perceptions of perfection: A global viewWhen female designers in 18 different countries were asked to Photoshop the same female image to make her attractive, the results were remarkable.