editorial- Optometry Times

Are you ready for online refraction?Patients will soon be able to undergo a refraction online through Opternative.com in a matter of minutes and for a fraction of the cost of a traditional exam, but the company doesn’t intend for its test to replace a complete eye exam.
Google Glass: The next frontier?I readily admit I am from another time, before cell phones and laptops. But not video games. I wore Pong out back in the day. Still, I think I have adapted reasonably well as an old curmudgeon to the available technology.
Bausch + Lomb introduces Ultra contact lensI was fortunate to attend last week’s launch event for Bausch & Lomb’s new silicone hydrogel contact lens, Ultra. This unique entry into the silicone hydrogel line contains a formulation of three silicone molecules combined with a high PVP content and manufactured using MoistureSeal technology, yielding a contact lens with high oxygen transmissibility and low modulus.
Of itching and watering and other thingsThis issue is our annual allergy issue. I’ve often joked that in the spring, a young man’s thoughts turns to love, while an old optometrist’s thoughts turns to ocular allergy. Treating our patients who present with seasonal allergic conjunctivitis is a large part of a primary-care optometric practice, especially this time of year.
My Christmas wish listNow that my children are grown and on their own, I'm thinking I want to harken back to earlier times and make a Christmas wish list. Not one for myself, as I could not ask for more, but a Christmas wish list for my colleagues and for my profession.