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Struggling law schools: Are optometry schools next?
Struggling law schools: Are optometry schools next?Much has been made of the proliferation of new optometry schools. It seems every week there is a news release announcing yet another institution of higher learning studying the possibility of opening an optometry school, most recently in Arkansas.
My nine-month optometry practiceI‘m sitting in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, in mid-January. The temperature is 70 degrees, sunny and bright, and I’m reading online about impending cold and snow back in New York. I just called my office for an update on the practice, and I’m thinking how glad I am to be here.
What “Doctored” can teach us about optometryI recently finished reading Doctored: The Disillusionment of an American Physician by Sandeep Jauhar, MD. In general, the book is a scathing criticism of our healthcare system, told in an honest and quite open manner. Reading early on, I found myself substituting the word “optometry” for “medicine” and found there were a lot of messages we ODs could gleam from his missive.
Looking back at a year of Energeyes successOn Sunday, September 1, 2013, life was breathed into this idea we now call the Energeyes Association. I am humbled by the experience to have completed our first full calendar year of operations. It is no longer about launching or “getting off the ground” but the true operationalizing, the implementation, and the hard part of putting a great idea into action.
Embracing new contact lens technology
Embracing new contact lens technologyI recently attended one of our Optometry Times webinars, “Increasing your successful multifocal fits,” presented by our Editorial Advisory Board member David Geffen, OD, FAAO. David is one of the sharpest ODs I know, and his mastery of the subject matter was evident. I consider myself to be up to speed on this topic and was amazed at what I didn’t know!
Two-way communication is essential to patient careConcerned and upset by my lack of language development, my mom decided to take me to the pediatrician. The pediatrician checked me out physically and concluded that I could, in fact, talk. The doctor advised my mom to make me say what I wanted instead of just me pointing at it. Here is some of the advice he offered. Stay tuned after reading for how this information can impact your practice of optometry.
Treat rosacea by treating the cause: demodex
Treat rosacea by treating the cause: demodexYears ago, Mark Dunbar, OD, FAAO, of Bascom Palmer shared with me some cases about rosacea. I was a little taken aback because the cases he shared concerned Hispanic patients, not the usual patients of Northern English isles descent we read about in school. The skeptic in me was doubtful, even though Mark had great pictures and detailed data from the cases.
Editor’s choice for the most important stories of 2014This past year brought us some very interesting stories. I couldn’t limit myself to only five choices, so I give you six of my favorite stories from 2014.
ODs must teach patients about proper nutritionIf the poor and disenfranchised cannot receive accurate health information from their doctors or the news media, whom can they trust? The percentage of Americans meeting average micronutrient-rich plant food consumption (vegetables and fruit) in the U.S., remains appallingly inadequate at 15 to 20 percent. It is worse for the poor.
What’s the value of eye care?At that moment, I thought: What is eye care worth? I know we all have to make financial choices everyday, and we prioritize where we’ll spend our hard-earned dollars.