The Joys of Spring Cleaning and Sharing KnowledgeAfter a sudden urge to tidy up his office, Dr. Ronald G. Wheeland developed another urge to figure out what to do with his old dermatology books and journals.
If I ruled the (dermatology) worldDr. Norman Levine muses on an alternate universe in which he makes the rules for anything related to the dermatology specialty. After reading, he notes many may be relieved that he will never rule the (dermatology) world. But are changes necessary? You tell us.
My proposed plan for diversity in dermatology
My proposed plan for diversity in dermatologyI believe that the only way to increase diversity in medicine and particularly dermatology is to begin this process early in school age children. Here's what I suggest.
How Does Someone Become a Dermatologist
Progress for Women in Medicine Slow, but SignificantLeadership roles for women in dermatology are increasing slowly but surely.
Can we cut back on lab testing?We utilize numerous medications in dermatology where potentially severe side effects can occur and can be detected by laboratory analysis. However, many commonly prescribed drugs rarely cause problems but have acquired the reputation of potentially toxic agents, which require close laboratory monitoring. Although many would disagree me, these are the medications that dermatologists over test.
Predicting the future of dermatologyCheck out Dr. Wheeland's editorial as he shares what he believes the future of dermatology will become and how it will be practiced several decades from now.
Weighing diagnosis with deliveryRead and follow along as Dr. Elaine Siegfried shares her insight into obsessive diagnosing disorder, and how it can be a blessing and a curse.
Dermatologists are wound care specialistsWhen routine skin injuries such as mild burns, skin tears, uncomplicated stasis ulcers and minor post-operative wound complications become a routine part of the wound care center purview and are no longer considered a part of what dermatologists can do or wish to do, the dermatology discipline shrinks further toward a marginalized specialty. Learn more
Why you should mentor the next generation of derms
Why you should mentor the next generation of dermsAn exploration of the role of mentoring in the medical community, medical education, and learning in general.