Parent’s saliva cleans pacifiers, deters allergiesMoms and dads who clean their babies’ pacifiers by sucking on them may be boosting their infants’ immune systems by passing along oral microbes that help deter allergy development.
Gluten sensitivity covers a wide spectrumTraditional teaching about celiac disease (CD) ignores the wide spectrum of this condition, which affects many atopic patients, a clinician says.
Peanuts, eggs given early could prevent allergiesIntroducing peanuts, eggs, and cow’s milk into babies’ diets when they are aged as young as 4 months might actually prevent allergies to these foods from developing.
PuriCore partners with Onset DermatologicsPuriCore, a water-based clean technology company, has entered into a marketing partnership with Onset Dermatologics.
Fast food blamed for asthma, eczema in kidsChildren and adolescents who eat 3 or more meals from fast food restaurants each week are at increased risk for asthma and severe eczema, according to latest findings from an ongoing international study.
Deciphering challenging eczema requires thinking outside and inside the box
Deciphering challenging eczema requires thinking outside and inside the boxAlthough the vast majority of children who present with a challenging eczematous eruption have refractory atopic dermatitis or poor medication compliance, clinicians need to perform a good history and clinical examination to rule out other underlying causes or comorbidities.