7-year-old with bald spot, what’s your diagnosis?
7-year-old with bald spot, what’s your diagnosis?A 7-year-old girl is brought into the office for evaluation of eczema. On review of symptoms, her mother mentions concern about a bald spot above the daughter's right ear, noticeable when she braids her hair.
Managing severe pediatric atopic dermatitisOlder non-specific immunomodulatory drugs and off-label use of several biologic agents offer treatment options for children with severe atopic dermatitis (AD). However, the future should bring therapies specifically developed for treatment of AD investigated in children.
Curious bald spot on a young girl's headThe mother of a 7-year-old girl brings her to the office for evaluation of eczema. On review of symptoms, she mentions concern about a bald spot above her daughter’s right ear, noticeable when she braids her hair.
Rheumatoid arthritis drug may benefit atopic dermatitis patientsPatients with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis (AD)—or eczema—may be successfully treated using a rheumatoid arthritis (RA) drug recently shown to reverse 2 other skin conditions, vitiligo and alopecia areata, according to findings published early online in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.
Pediatric psoriasis, eczema: Triggers and therapiesIn part two of our discussion, Kelly Cordoro, M.D., associate professor of dermatology and pediatrics at the University of California in San Francisco, discusses environmental and microbial triggers and when to choose systemic therapies with Dermatology Times editorial advisor, Elaine Siegfried, M.D.
More pearls from the trenchesIn my many years as a pediatrician, I have identified a number of “pearls,” or words of wisdom, that can help in the clinical setting.
Study finding turns peanut-allergy avoidance strategy on its headEating peanuts in the first year of life dramatically reduces the likelihood that an infant at moderate risk for peanut allergy will develop the allergy, a randomized controlled trial in the United Kingdom showed.
17-Year-Old with Recurring Rash (VIDEO)This 17-year-old patient presents with discolored skin spots on the trunk; scales and peeling over lesions; chronic occurrence. Video from the Doctor's Channel.
Healthcare costs, utilization higher when adults have eczemaEczema in adults is more than an uncomfortable, itchy disease. It’s also a financial burden for the estimated 10.2% of U.S. adults who have atopic dermatitis, according to a new study.
The Irregular Border
The Irregular BorderThere is increasing interest in so-called alternative medicine. Both patients and practitioners are clearly interested in this domain and this is in striking contrast to the bright, shining edifice of evidence-based medicine.