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6 challenges when changing from a group to private practiceA little over 18 months ago, I decided to follow my passion and take a leap of faith changing my career. I went from a bustling MD/OD group practice to a private group OD practice and launched the Dry Eye Center of Pennsylvania (PA).
How MGD can work for your practiceDry eye represents a major opportunity with more than 25 million people suffering from the condition in the U.S.,1 and meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is thought to be the most common cause of dry eye.2 During a session at SECO, Walt Whitley, OD, MBA, FAAO, shared his tips for making the most of this opportunity in your practice.
How to manage cataracts with ocular surface diseaseOcular surface disease, including dry eye disease, is common in patients undergoing cataract surgery. It must be treated in order to optimise the ocular surface prior to surgery, and close follow-up in the postoperative period is important.
Three novel antibodies may lead to the early diagnosis of Sjogren’s syndromeMore information is needed about patients who test positive for one or more of three novel antibodies found to be correlated with early stages of Sjögren’s syndrome in a mouse model.
TearLab reports interim results of dry eye studyTearLab recently reported interim results of a multi-center dry eye disease (DED) prevalence study carried out in the UK at four National Health Service (NHS) hospitals.
How to create a dry eye centerIn this video, Dr. Scott Schachter discusses creating a dry eye center.
Adding a dry eye center of excellenceAdding a dry eye center is not only beneficial to patients, but can also increase revenue to practices.