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Small Doses: The Weekly News You Need to Know
Small Doses: The Weekly News You Need to KnowSmall doses is a weekly slideshow of the news you may have missed, made just for you and your busy lifestyle.
25 Cities With The Lowest Pharmacist SalariesWhere do pharmacists earn the least?
Strange, offbeat, and obscure medicinal factsHow do you relieve a child’s nasal congestion? Some people once thought rubbing warm whiskey on a child’s sole would do the trick.
Vintage images from our past: 1910-1920These images originally appeared between 1910 and 1920.
25 Cities With The Highest Pharmacist SalariesThe average salary for pharmacists in the United States can vary greatly by location.
Funny, memorable, and not so politically correct ads from our pastThese portraits of Americana were sometimes funny, always creative, and often not so politically correct.
Some of the best Drug Topics covers everWhich one is your all-time favorite?
Drug Topics covers from the past: Circa 1974 (Slideshow)In 1974, pharmacists and the pharmacy industry dealt with several important issues.
2016 formulary exclusions in 9 key areasCVS/Caremark and Express Scripts, the two biggest players in the pharmacy benefits management industry, have both added medications to their exclusion lists.
5 geographic hotspots for questionable dispensingOne way that the government targets fraud and abuse in Medicare Part D is by identifying areas where its payments per beneficiary for certain drugs are significantly higher than the average payments nationwide.