Drug Topics' 160th anniversary

Pharmacy then and now: 1963 vs. 2016
Pharmacy then and now: 1963 vs. 2016One difference is immediately noticeable.
Former Walgreens exec honored for contributions to pharmacyAPhA's honorary president of the year talks about his proudest achievements and his vision for the future of the profession
Strange, offbeat, and obscure medicinal factsHow do you relieve a child’s nasal congestion? Some people once thought rubbing warm whiskey on a child’s sole would do the trick.
160th anniversary quiz resultsFor the answers to the the pharmacy history quiz questions, read on.
Drug Topics through the decades: 1920-1930
Drug Topics through the decades: 1920-1930Drugstores in the '20s contended with Prohibition and powerful Washington lobbies, while customers enjoyed newfangled soda fountains and some nifty new products.
An advocate for change urges pharmacists to speak outAPhA award recipient Nicki Hilliard says step up and voice your concerns.
Physician dispensing: Convenience doesn't always equal benefitIn this month's trip down Memory Lane, Drug Topics looks back on an article from 2001 that examined the roots of a problem in full flower today.
Calling all history buffs
Calling all history buffsTest your knowledge of pharmacy history. Questions drawn from February 10, 2016 160th Anniversary issue of Drug Topics.
Drug Topics: 160 years strongAs Drug Topics celebrates its 160th anniversary this year, we want to show you how far the profession of pharmacy has come.
Drug Topics through the decades: 1910-1920
Drug Topics through the decades: 1910-1920A hundred years ago, Drug Topics was a pocket-sized monthly, circulation: 12,000; yearly price: 25 cents. While some of its content seems antiquated now, some seems eerily familiar. And the illustrations? A hoot!