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Pharmacy Supply Lines Are Still Shaking After Storm Passes
Pharmacy Supply Lines Are Still Shaking After Storm PassesTwo hurricanes devastated the U.S. supply chain, affecting pharmacies all over—and leaving many to wonder what’s next.
Sodium Bicarbonate Injections RecalledThe recall is a major setback in the ongoing sodium bicarbonate shortage.
Could Compounding Pharmacists Solve the Sodium Bicarbonate Shortage?
Could Compounding Pharmacists Solve the Sodium Bicarbonate Shortage?As stocks of the vital drug become rarer, pharmacists could be the ones combatting the shortage.
Spike in drug shortages raises alarm
Spike in drug shortages raises alarmDrug shortages take a toll, especially on emergency department patients.
Three ways providers should address drug shortagesPreventing drug shortages requires a “swat team” mentality by all, including FDA, manufacturers, group purchasing organizations (GPOs), and health systems. Here’s what healthcare providers should do about the issue.
Top 9 current drug shortagesOn July 7, the FDA updated its list of drugs that are in short supply. Some of the drugs – such as Sodium Chloride 0.9 percent Injection Bags – have been in short supply for months, while others have become more problematic recently.
The 4 most problematic drug shortagesDrug shortages are significant public health threats. They can delay, or even deny, critical care for patients. Here are the four drugs in shortage that are among the most problematic.
Drug shortages mobile app launched by FDAFDA has launched its first mobile application (app) designed to provide quick access to important information on medications that are in short supply. Current or resolved drug shortages, as well as product discontinuations, can be identified by using the new app.
Shortage of IV metronidazole antibiotic prompts indication-specific alternativesThere has been a recent national backorder of iv Metronidazole (Flagyl) due to manufacturing delays with Hospira. As a result of this delay Hospira has not been able to provide a tentative timeline or estimate date of when IV metronidazole will be available to purchasers/buyers once again. While this situation plays out, there are general management strategies that might be implemented based on the facility.
IV nitroglycerin shortage concerning, but manageableAlthough every drug shortage is a concern to healthcare professionals, the shortage of IV nitroglycerin that the New York Times first reported on, is especially concerning: Unlike with the IV saline shortage, in dealing with refractive chest pain and hypertensive crisis in the emergency room there is no substitute or direct alternative for IV nitroglycerin