drug cost management

New RA drugs and pipeline developments to watchTreating RA is a work in progress. Here’s what you need to know.
What executives must know to combat rising drug spendIn today’s healthcare landscape, few things better define the role of a managed healthcare executive than managing the industry’s constant changes.
Soaring drug costs leave derms, patients scramblingThe costs of popular drugs—even generics—in dermatology are soaring, leaving patients scrambling for coverage or financial assistance and dermatologists spending precious hours on prior authorizations, drug appeals and reviews. In this first of a five-part series, experts and patients help define the problem.
Prescription drug spending surges amid market forces
Prescription drug spending surges amid market forcesFactors include rising costs of brand medications, increased specialty therapy use
Alliance seeks to transform corporate healthcareTwenty American corporations join to improve the way employee healthcare benefits will be purchased in an effort to create better outcomes.
Pharma responds to critics with new drug adsPhRMA ad campaign features new patient and researcher stories.
What can be done about soaring drug costs?Primary care physicians concerned about rising drug costs may want to watch efforts in California and other states to cap copayments, and monitor discussions about allowing the federal government to negotiate prices with drug makers or about setting medication prices based on their value to patients.
Top 5 industry challenges of 2016
Top 5 industry challenges of 2016The top 5 industry challenges facing managed care executives, according to the findings of Managed Healthcare Executive's State of the Industry Survey.
Oncology drugs in the pipelineSeveral new drugs hold promise, but cost is a top concern.
New cystic fibrosis drug has high potential, high costFDA’s approval of Vertex Pharmaceutical’s groundbreaking lumacaftor/ivacaftor (Orkambi) for cystic fibrosis (CF) is the first drug to treat the underlying cause of CF in people ages 12 and older with two copies of the F508del mutation.