Potential benefits of oral antibiotics for MGD put into perspective
Using dry eye treatments for sick corneasDid you ever consider that those tools in your dry eye arsenal are also good for acutely sick eyes? I recently had a patient who drove this point home…even to my ophthalmology partner.
Rosacea treatment shifts focusClinicians now have a better understanding of rosacea from its potential pathogeneses to the systemic diseases associated with the condition. Learn more
It's rosacea, not acneNearly half of rosacea patients thought they had acne before being diagnosed. Learn how to explain the difference between rosacea and acne to patients and help them get the care they need.
When rash and fever become an emergencyRashes and fevers are among the most common complaints seen in the pediatrician’s office. The differential diagnosis is often large and ranges from entities the pediatrician sees commonly such as erythema infectiosum to the less common diseases such as Kawasaki syndrome, to more potentially serious conditions such as vaccine preventable illnesses and everything in between.
Rosacea: Newer topical therapies are effective and well-tolerated
Rosacea: Newer topical therapies are effective and well-toleratedEmerging therapies for rosacea have a favorable side effect profile and address specific symptoms of the condition; brimonidine, for example, addresses background erythema while ivermectin addresses the papules and pustules.
Recent drug pricing trends – What do these mean for your formulary?Earlier this year, IMS Health released a report indicating that overall drug spend in the United States increased by 3.2% in 2013.1 That increase stands in contrast to the 1% decline in drug spend in 2012.1 IMS noted that primary drivers of the increase include fewer patent expirations, drug price increases, expensive new drug therapies, and greater use of the healthcare system. Considering these drivers, all indications are that drug spend will continue to increase in the years to come.
Clues about rosacea pathogenesis spark treatment advances
Clues about rosacea pathogenesis spark treatment advancesAs researchers learn more about the pathogenesis of rosacea, they can better understand the benefits of certain medications and find opportunities for new therapies.
Treatment of choice for Rocky Mountain spotted feverDoxycycline (Doryx, Vibramycin) is the first choice antibiotic for Rocky Mountain spotted fever in children of all ages.
Antibiotic dialogue needs to continue
Antibiotic dialogue needs to continueI thoroughly enjoyed the lead article about “antimicrobial stewardship” in the October edition of Dermatology Times (“Antimicrobial stewardship: How dermatologists can be part of the solution, Vol. 34, No. 10). It succinctly and effectively detailed that for healthcare providers in general and dermatologists in specific, it is our duty to utilize antimicrobials appropriately.