Taking stock of inventory controlDespite growing profits over a decade, an ophthalmic practice’s optical dispensary profits were not growing along the same curve. This case study highlights how an optical dispensary inventory management firm may be able to identify strategies to boost capture-rate underperformance.
How to effectively handle dispensary complaintsHaving a clear understanding of expectations from optical dispensary consumers is key to being able to resolve complaints.
Follow patient lifestyles for eyewear that practically flies out the door
How often do you prescribe glasses in very young children?The glasses prescribing patterns of a pediatric ophthalmology group differed from the guidelines issued by the American Academy of Ophthalmology for infants less than age 1 year but were similar for children age 1 to 3 years, a study found. The study also demonstrated the efficacy of using electronic medical records for assessing physician decision-making.
Making the case for computer lensesA knowledgeable optician is obviously an asset to an ophthalmology practice that is wanting to make computer lenses available to a greater number of its appropriate patients.
What makes a good optical manager?When vetting candidate for an optical manager position, it is often more important to identify managers with the right leadership profile than those with technical competence.
7 steps to boost optical revenueFollowing specific steps in the retail-selling process will increase the likelihood that customers will make a purchase.
Adding an optical shop as fixture of successA whole-hearted commitment to building and designing a dispensary from the ground up is vital for its success, explain those who have first-hand experience.
Inside the mind of the evolving eyewear consumerThe eyewear market is changing more rapidly than ever, and it is no longer acceptable to sell the same way to each consumer. Staying up-to-date on how to leverage unique marketing to every generation is the key to success.
Peeking into the (not so distant) future of digital lens design
Peeking into the (not so distant) future of digital lens designEverything physicians need to know about where personalized lenses are headed