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How to navigate direct pay successfully
How to navigate direct pay successfullyFocus on patients not payers
Fighting back, part 2: The quest for independence
Fighting back, part 2: The quest for independenceThe fight against the pressures facing independent primary care practices can take many forms. For some, it has meant joining forces with other practices to attain the benefits that come with size without sacrificing their day-to-day autonomy. Others are taking a different route—minimizing the bureaucratic obstacles to practicing medicine by adopting direct pay practice models.
Direct primary care in IdahoPrimary-care physician Julie Gunther couldn't be happier with her new direct-pay practice. She says it allows her to be the physician she trained to be.
Diversifying your practiceSome physicians are finding that running two separate practices—or a hybrid concierge practice that includes traditional fee-for-service—can be a smart economic model. Attracting patients willing to pay extra for conveniences or more extensive care can ease the financial strain of treating patients for whom third-party reimbursements are declining.
How retail medicine lost its wayIf most patients are not going to exceed their deductible in a given year, they are now “consumers” and are looking for differentiators that offer fixed fee care.
The future of family medicineThe healthcare landscape is shifting rapidly, and for family physicians, that change is placing increased importance on their role within the system.
Direct pay: A promising care model with challengesPhysicians say direct pay models offer a viable alternative to health insurance, but they require careful planning and outreach.
Solving the crisis in primary careDirect pay models could buy physicians more time with patients to improve care and reset a fractured payment system.
Direct-pay medical practices could diminish payer headachesFacing shrinking reimbursement rates and a growing list of administrative tasks, many primary care physicians are exploring alternative practice options, including direct-pay models.
Physicians should return to direct pay systemA reader writes that physicians can eliminate payer interference by reverting to the pre-Medicare system of being paid directly by patients.