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Health Apps Could Produce $7 Billion in Savings
Health Apps Could Produce $7 Billion in SavingsThe number of health apps is spiking, but they're also getting better.
Four ways Trump will shift digital healthcareWith ACA repeal and replace on the horizon, digital healthcare solutions will surely be affected.
Three ways digital tools are helping fight ZikaFor healthcare organizations, now is the time to help address Zika fears by utilizing digital tools.
Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement initiative: 3 key opportunitiesAs hospitals begin to search for key post-acute providers and implement new care pathways, providers should be aware of program waivers that afford greater flexibility in determining the most cost-effective care possible to ensure good outcomes for patients within the CJR model.
More practices to offer digital self-scheduling in the near futureSoon patients will be able to interact with physicians the same way they buy clothes or music—online.
Apple’s new Health app set to debut along with Watch, linking action to medical dataOn September 9, Apple revealed the Apple Watch, saying it can help people lead healthier lives. It joins a growing list of new health innovations including Health and HealthKit, set launch in September.
Physicians report losing 48 minutes a day to EHR processingThough once touted as time-savers, physicians in a recent survey reported losing an average of 48 minutes a day because of electronic health records (EHRs).
New technologies transform IOP monitoring, digital healthIntraocular pressure (IOP) monitoring is based on fiction. Clinicians typically measure IOP over a single visit and extrapolate the value to the patient’s overall condition and the degree of control over their IOP. “New Horizons in IOP Monitoring and Digital Health” session showcased six companies trying to turn the IOP challenge into commercial success.