Dianna E. Graves, COMT

‘What is it with these people?’After being in the field for 35 years, I still wonder, “What is it with these people?” Here are a few other examples of what I learned from those instances.
Blocked clinic flow can be analogous to a beaver damMeaningful use and government mandates have added blocks all throughout the system that continue to add more and more time to each patient visit--and ends up damming up the clinic from ever getting their hands on the patient to do the exam.
When did I become everyone’s honey?Here’s a scenario: You walk up to the local fast food counter for lunch. The morning is still fresh in your mind, and all the afternoon projects are pushing their way into the forefront of your brain. Distracted is under stating where your mind is at. You finally get to the order person, and a 16-year-old sings out: “Hi sweetie, what can we do for you today?”
Tears and drama not included: How to restructure clinic staffWhen there is an important position needing to be filled, but every staff member is gunning for the job, how do you pick the best without hurting people’s feelings? Here are the 5 thoughts to remember before making that decision.
Why you should take your staff to the moviesClinic life really can be summed up quite nicely using famous movie quotes.
Why ‘upgrade’ has become a dirty word thanks to EHRsThe electronic health records and electronic medical records implementations come with endless upgrades whether your clinic is prepared or not.