Diabetes year in review

Identifying the link between diabetes, environmental exposuresA new study points to higher risk in certain ethnic and lower socioeconomic populations due to exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals.
Physician intervention critical as diabetes costs skyrocketPhysicians can do their part to help control further escalation of diabetes through several strategies.
What physicians can do about the rising cost of insulinInsulin was invented to be affordable for most everyone, but patients continue to struggle for a key part of treating their diabetes.
Physicians have new tools for treating, monitoring diabetes2017 has seen two key advancements for diabetes patients, but affordability remains an issue.
Physicians shouldn’t underestimate link between diabetes, cancerDiabetes and high BMI were responsible for an estimated 800,000 new cases of cancer worldwide in 2012.
Physicians have more options to provide CVD protection in diabetic patientsGlucose lowering drugs provide additional cardiovascular benefit to patients with diabetes.
Diabetes management means PCP, endocrinology partnershipComprehensive management of a patient's diabetes is much more than prescribing medication.
What primary care should know about prediabetes preventionSavvy management of prediabetes may help prevent the disease from occurring, says endocrinologist Thomas W. Donner, MD, of Johns Hopkins Medicine.
Longer sleep duration could lessen children’s risk for T2DStudy shows that longer sleep duration was associated with reductions in several markers for type 2 diabetes.
New tool identifies diabetic patients’ risk for hypoglycemiaPatients at high risk could be identified and targeted for intervention, resulting in the potential for high healthcare cost savings.