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The New Type 2 Diabetes Technologies Pharmacists Need to Know About
The New Type 2 Diabetes Technologies Pharmacists Need to Know AboutPharmacists need to stay informed about new technologies in order to help diabetic patients take advantage.
New Smart Tech Improves Diabetes Management
New Smart Tech Improves Diabetes ManagementA new frontier of tools for diabetes management is here.
Five Reasons to Become a Diabetes Educator
Five Reasons to Become a Diabetes EducatorWhy it's a good time to become more involved in diabetes education.
Four growing diabetes trendsA new University of California, San Diego-led review has interesting findings about diabetes costs, patient care models and medication therapy.
How Diabetic Kids and Teens Can Improve Quality of LifeGood glucose control can help children and teens with type 1 diabetes boost their quality of life.
Diabetes prevention programs avert, delay disease onsetDiabetes accounts for one out of every 10 American healthcare dollars spent, but new national programs are helping address this issue.
A Class of Their Own: The Unique Challenges of Type I DiabetesWhile many aspects of diabetes care are universal, patients with type I diabetes (T1D) often face a unique set of obstacles and challenges.
How a multi-component nutritional supplement benefits diabetic patientsWe all know the typical algorithm for our patients having diabetes: Maintain healthy blood sugar and pressure control, get annual dilated eye examinations, and receive laser or anti-VEGF therapy if and when they develop vision-threatening diabetic retinopathy (DR).
Hospital admissions slashed with diabetes softwareThe use of insulin management software in hospital emergency departments can decrease hospital admissions for diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) by 45%, according to a new study.
How new tech, treatments impact diabetes costsIn this Q&A, experts discuss how emerging treatments and technologies are affecting diabetes costs.