diabetes complications

Put drug development to work for diabetic patientsAlthough the diabetes pipeline is not large, we continue to have progress in meeting the unmet needs of patients with diabetes.
How diabetes affects contact lens wearMass media and medical publications have been warning for years that the incidence of diabetes is rising rapidly and predicting a “health catastrophe” in which more than 10 percent of the U.S. population would be living with this disease.
Undiagnosed diabetes: A high cost for the health systemConsequences range from cardiovascular disease to renal disease
Medicare to implement national diabetes prevention programA successful YMCA diabetes program has prompted the Obama administration to expand Medicare to cover programs to prevent diabetes among those at high risk of developing the disease.
Strategies to reduce diabetes health management costsRob Danoff, DO, of Aria Health System, explains what should be done to reduce health management costs, while improving care of diabetic patients.
Using predictive modeling to prevent diabetes
Using predictive modeling to prevent diabetesHumana is using past evidence to reach patients at risk for diabetes.
In the pipeline: diabetes care improvementsAs 2016 gets underway, improvements in diabetes health management are expected to progress. Here are some of the noteworthy trends to watch.
2015: A year of improvements in diabetes managementWhile diabetes, particularly type 2, remains an epidemic, the number of new diagnoses has begun to slow. Here are some developments contributing to the decrease.
Lessons learned in the global fight against diabetesBroader exchange of ideas for diabetes health management and related programs may result in more efficient community-based programs with a wider impact.
Improving diabetes outcomes—at a distanceSeveral studies have demonstrated that telemedicine programs of different types can yield the same or better results than more traditional diabetes interventions.