Dermatopathologist: Work with meTips to collect and prepare nail specimens that will help improve clinical pathology.
Improving accuracy in NMSC diagnosisThe trend toward smaller biopsies may compromise the accuracy of dermatopathologists' diagnoses.
Diagnostic techniques for desmoplastic melanomaDiagnosing challenging melanocytic lesions typically requires combining immunostains—such as S100 and P16—with the dermatopathologist's subjective judgment, says an expert. Adjunctive genetic tests and morphologic analysis can provide further clues, though neither method is infallible.
High-risk skin cancer needs multidisciplinary management
High-risk skin cancer needs multidisciplinary managementImmunosuppressed patients have a greater risk for developing high-risk non-melanoma skin cancer, which can typically be more aggressive in this patient population. As such, a multidisciplinary approach is required when contemplating appropriate treatment and management of this patient population.
Did I violate the Stark Statute?The essence of the Stark statute is a prohibition on a physician (or immediate family member) referring a Medicare patient to an entity with which the physician or family member has a financial relationship, when the referral is for any of a targeted list of “designated health services” (DHS), unless the financial relationship meets one of a host of exceptions. For dermatology, the primary impact of this law is on relationships between dermatology practices and dermatopathologists. Because clinical laboratory services are on the DHS list, the complexities are considerable.
Lab, clinical background key in pediatric dermatopathologyEven with relatively recent advances such as immunohistochemical staining and molecular analysis, experts say, pediatric dermatopathology relies heavily on clinical correlation.
Biopsy process helps pathologist determine accurate diagnosisCommon mistakes related to pediatric biopsies include using the wrong biopsy technique or transfer medium, sending inadequate samples and omitting the child's age.
New medical therapies result in symptoms of various skin conditionsDermatologists should learn to recognize some rare and common skin conditions that may result from emerging medical therapies.
Client billing under fireAlong with reimbursement levels and dermatology’s Stark law exception, the practice of client billing is under government and private payer scrutiny respectively, an expert says.
Dermatopathology sits in healthcare reform crosshairsIf dermatologists don’t more effectively police themselves, experts say, they may lose their ability to perform in-office dermatopathology. Dermatopathology also faces competitive pressures and aggressive fee reductions, these experts add.