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AAD 2016 - Citation analysisJohn Kimbrough, a librarian at Georgetown University, sits down with Dermatology Times Editorial Advisor, Elaine Siegfried, MD to talk about his work with citation analysis of cutaneous t-cell lymphoma.
AAD 2016 - Implementation of TeledermatologyThird-year Stanford Medical School student, Akhilesh Pathipati, discusses his 2016 AAD poster, “Implementation of Stanford Health Care Direct-Care Teledermatology Program” with Dermatology Times Editorial Advisor, Elaine Siegfried, MD.
AAD 2016 - Skin diseases associated with organochlorine exposuresAndrew T. Patterson, MD sits down with Dermatology Times Editorial Advisor, Elaine Siegfried, MD to discuss his 2016 AAD poster, “Skin diseases associated with Agent Orange and other organochlorine exposures.”
Tips for taking advantage of Labor Day 2016
Tips for taking advantage of Labor Day 2016Dermatologists, once considered generally immune to burnout, are seeing a sharp increase in occupational fatigue and we're offering some ideas for this Labor Day Weekend to help regain that strong work-life balance.
Physical activity decreases inflammation linked to psoriatic arthritisInflammatory pain is a component of psoriatic arthritis, and participating in physical activity, such as yoga, is a way to reduce inflammation and manage chronic pain if a patient is experiencing it.
Differences in microbiome observed in patients with psoriasisKnowledge of the microbiome is shedding light on the development of chronic skin conditions like psoriasis, and greater insights into the role of the microbiome may yield new therapies for psoriasis.
Best practices when injecting the perioral areaAvoid unnatural projection of the lips when performing perioral rejuvenation, and do not look at the lips in isolation, but consider the nose, teeth and cheeks as well.
Considerations when examining NICU babies with blistering diseasesThe neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) can be a scary place for some dermatologists, pediatric dermatologist, Sheila Fallon Friedlander, M.D., told colleagues at the MauiDerm 2016 meeting this week. She provided two key messages aimed at enabling clinicians and the babies to get the help they need. Learn and find out that they are
Neurotoxin pipeline advances, stay wary of counterfeitsAs the neurotoxin market is set for expansion, so expands the market of counterfeit products. One expert reviews the innovative options coming up through the pipeline and cautions colleagues about the risks associated with counterfeits.
Zika virus, Chikungunya, Syphilis infections increase in newbornsMosquito-born virus, Zika, is expected to find its way to the United States. The result of infection can be devastating for pregnant women. Other viral infections being seen more commonly in infants are Chikungunya and syphilis. Learn more