dermatology practice

Clinical practice guideline authors fail to disclose all industry paymentsSome authors of AAD clinical practice guidelines received sizable payments from industry that were not completely disclosed, JAMA Dermatology Reports.
Demand for dermatologic care increases in doctor-dense marketsAlthough collectively dermatologists are doing more, each dermatologist may be doing less in the higher quintiles.
6 concerns about practice consolidationBig cash offers not always best for the practice or patient.
In-demand dermatology treatment devicesA rising prevalence of skin disorders, including melanoma, will drive the need for diagnostic imaging and treatment technologies in dermatology, market analysts say.
Female dermatologists sued less often than male counterpartsAlthough most malpractice cases against dermatologists are abandoned, withdrawn or dismissed, communication with patients may minimize liability.
The business of selling patient recordsMedical practices need to inoculate themselves against security break-ins by performing a Security Risk Assessment. A Security Risk Assessment looks at how patient information is currently protected.
Survey reveals somewhat skewed perception of dermatologistsResponses to a recent survey indicate that the public’s perception of what dermatologists actually do falls significantly short of reality.
Can I fire an employee charged with domestic abuse?There is no cut-and-dried correct response to firing an employee charged with domestic abuse, but, there are a number of factors dermatologists should first take into consideration before taking any adverse employment actions against workers embroiled in domestic violence disputes.
Fleshing out the physician-patient relationship in a virtual worldDr. B. generates a flood of new patients through a newly designed, interactive website. Although very careful not to “practice medicine” on the Web, he offers one patient extensive advice about the pros and cons of the rosacea treatments she has received. She later sues Dr. B, claiming she delayed treatment due to his advice.
Automated electronic communications systems can improve medical practice business and efficiencyWhether you own a practice or work in one, the frustration of an appointment no-show affects everyone. Automatic electronic appointment systems can help to improve the efficiency of your practice, and they can help your patients feel more connected to you and the practice between appointments.