Skincare company supports cancer careInnovative Skincare has recently launched several new products to exfoliate, refresh, and rehydrate skin.
Life Lessons: 5 Dermatologists Inspired by MentorsAll teachers and mentors instruct; great ones inspire. They find ways to connect, challenge, compel and convince, motivating students to reach goals and make a difference.In their own words, five dermatologists share their appreciation for teachers and mentors who made a lasting impression.
5 TED Talks for Busy DermatologistsYou appreciate big ideas, but have little free time. You could use a jolt of intelligent inspiration, but not if that requires jumping down (well, clicking through) the Internet’s rabbit hole of rubbish. Instead, here are five bite-sized carrots — short TED talks that will resonate with smart, busy dermatologists.
Colorscience introduces Clinical Redness CorrectorAll Calm™ Clinical Redness Corrector is formulated for redness, rosacea and sensitive skin, according to the company.
Switching from an AIMP to a melanoma diagnosisSignificant residual pigment may indicate elevated melanoma risk in atypical intraepidermal melanocytic proliferation (AIMP) lesions.
An AD treatment phobia that is a “phenomenon”Atopic dermatitis patients have a phobia of topical corticosteroids that is so strong, it’s been described as a “phenomenon.”
Less invasive surgery preferred for some NMSCPatient functionality should help determine surgery choice for nonmelanoma skin cancer, researchers reported at ASDS 2017.
Don’t ignore facial dynamics when using fillersDermal fillers that include physicochemical properties proved to be effective in reducing acne scarring without compromising natural facial dynamics, researchers reported ASDS 2017.
The October issue of Dermatology Times
The October issue of Dermatology TimesThe October issue of Dermatology Times highlights advances in pediatric dermatology. This month we cover laser use in children, patch testing, data mining revelations in pediatric psoriasis.
New SPF formulationA whipped line of sunscreen was introduced this summer by Bayer, the maker of Coppertone.