dermatologic surgery

Tips for successful eyelid graftsCareful preoperative photography, a 10-minute anesthetic rule and old-fashioned magnifying loupes are crucial to successful eyelid grafts, according to an expert who spoke Friday at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.
Intraoperative hemostasis keeps complications to a minimumAlthough still considered rare, hemorrhagic complications remain the most common of the complications that can occur following dermatologic surgery, according to results of a study.
Blood vessels reorganize after face transplantsBlood vessels in face transplant recipients reorganize themselves, according to study findings that could expand the medical community’s understanding of biologic changes that occur following such transplants.
Dermatologists take 'hammering' with cuts to three reimbursement codesFederal regulators are more closely scrutinizing some dermatologic surgery codes, including those that are considered the “bread and butter” for skin cancer repairs. And codes that are deemed misvalued could be cut by as much as one-third by Medicare. Commercial carriers could follow suit.