dermal fillers

The latest on filler complicationsFrom antiseptic skin prep to retrobulbar hyaluronidase injections, Dr. Joel Cohen offers an update on what you need to know about filler complications.
Don’t ignore facial dynamics when using fillersDermal fillers that include physicochemical properties proved to be effective in reducing acne scarring without compromising natural facial dynamics, researchers reported ASDS 2017.
HA fillers and blindnessAre we still in the dark when it comes to preventing and managing blindness from filler injections?
Vollure: The new 18-month fillerAccording to Allergan, Vollure blends various molecular weights of HA to help achieve an impressive 18 months of duration on average.
Avoiding complications with dermal fillersComplications can happen to the best of injectors. Addressing them appropriately and quickly is key according to Steve Fagien, M.D
HA for handsIt’s designed to be used in the lips, but could the dual volumizing and moisturizing characteristics of Restylane Silk also be ideal for use in the aging hands?
Laser treatment for permanent filler complicationsResearchers offer a novel approach and treatment algorithm for removing permanent fillers.
FDA approves Juvéderm Volbella XCIt’s the latest addition to Allergan’s Juvéderm family of hyaluronic acid filler products. Will it become the first-choice filler for lips?
HA fillers Volift and VobellaWhat makes these two dermal fillers a hot topic? They're long lasting and up for FDA approval.
Filler trouble? Hyaluronidase (and smarts) to the rescueNot only do physician injectors need to know how to stay out of trouble, but what to do when trouble happens.