dermal fillers

HA for handsIt’s designed to be used in the lips, but could the dual volumizing and moisturizing characteristics of Restylane Silk also be ideal for use in the aging hands?
Laser treatment for permanent filler complicationsResearchers offer a novel approach and treatment algorithm for removing permanent fillers.
FDA approves Juvéderm Volbella XCIt’s the latest addition to Allergan’s Juvéderm family of hyaluronic acid filler products. Will it become the first-choice filler for lips?
HA fillers Volift and VobellaWhat makes these two dermal fillers a hot topic? They're long lasting and up for FDA approval.
Filler trouble? Hyaluronidase (and smarts) to the rescueNot only do physician injectors need to know how to stay out of trouble, but what to do when trouble happens.
Future fillers: ProfHilo & Belotero VolumeTwo new European fillers could be future game changers in the U.S. for both cosmetic surgeons and their patients, according to Dr. Hema Sundaram.
How to prevent filler-related complicationsTo prevent filler-related complications, Dr. Cohen and his staff focus on understanding the anatomy of the skin and what lies beneath the areas that they’re injecting. Learn to practice safe principles for prepping the skin.
Fillers last longer with BotoxA new study shows that botulinum neurotoxin-A prolongs filler life, but what exactly is the practical application for the cosmetic practice?
Belotero rules for etched linesThis highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid filler may have become the treatment of choice for vertical, etched-in perioral and fine, superficial etched-in radial cheek lines, but there is a caveat: Belotero requires injection know-how.
Human collagen composite compared against commercial fillersA team of Korean researchers working to advance dermal fillers compare the biocompatibility and durability found in commercially available fillers .