depression screening

Dermatologists fail to screen patients for depressionDermatologists should take ownership of screening patients for mental health concerns associated with their skin condition.
Depression: How to treat, avoid misdiagnosisDepression is one of the most common diagnosed disorders but providers still have trouble diagnosing and treating these patients.
Your New Role in the Battle Against Depression
Your New Role in the Battle Against DepressionA shortage of mental health-care providers, coupled with pharmacists’ unique skills and access to patients, has led to a significant opportunity for community and health-system pharmacists to aid in detection of depression and in medication selection and counseling for patients with depression.
Providers are failing to meet needs of depressed patientsA new study shows that many adults with depression don’t receive treatment, whereas others receive treatments that do not match their level of illness severity.
Antidepressant drug pipeline: What to know
Antidepressant drug pipeline: What to knowThere are promising developments in the pipeline for patients with treatment-resistant depression.
Depression management lags, but PCPs may hold the key
Depression management lags, but PCPs may hold the keyPrimary care physicians commonly screen their patients for depression, but still underuse established and effective care management practices compared to other chronic illnesses like diabetes, asthma, and congestive heart failure, according to a recent study published in Health Affairs.
USPSTF expands recommendations for depression screening in teensThe USPSTF has recently expanded their recommendations for screening teenagers for adolescence.
AAP updates preventive care visit guidelinesPediatricians are now being asked to add depression, HIV, and dyslipidemia screening to preventive care visits, but guideline authors say the changes will help improve efficiency.