DEA wants to slash opioid productionThe Drug Enforcement Administration wants to slash the production of opioid painkillers by 20% in 2018.
What Do Your Patients Do with Unused Meds?How one product is making it easier for your patients to safely dispose of their medications.
DEA Wants 20% Reduction in Opioids
DEA Wants 20% Reduction in OpioidsThe agency says that the reduction lines up with current demand for opioids.
Drug Manufacturer Pays Settlement Over Opioid
Drug Manufacturer Pays Settlement Over OpioidMallinckrodt to pay settlement for not reporting orders or keeping accurate records.
Inside the $100 Million Opioids Ring
Inside the $100 Million Opioids RingHow physicians made millions and fed the opioid epidemic.
Drug distributor pays record fineMcKesson Corp., one of the largest distributors of pharmaceuticals, agreed to pay a record civil penalty for alleged violations of the Controlled Substances Act.
DEA slashes opioid drug productionThe US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has reduced the amount of almost every Schedule II opiate and opioid medication that may be manufactured in the US by 25% or more.
Pharmacist pleads guilty in NYC oxycodone schemeIn one of the largest opioid diversion schemes to be uncovered in New York, a former pharmacy owner and her husband have pled guilty to several charges related to a multimillion-dollar oxycodone distribution scheme.
DEA to consider rescheduling marijuana — for the fourth timeWill the DEA finally reclassify marijuana to schedule 2?
Walgreens installing med disposal kiosks in 500 storesLess than a week after FDA announced several measures aimed at curbing opioid abuse, Walgreens announced it would install safe medication disposal kiosks in more than 500 drugstores in 39 states and Washington, D.C.