Dawn Collins

Top 5 malpractice articles of 2017Ranging from advice on telephone triage to reports on cases involving circumcision requiring revision surgery to a missed kidney cancer diagnosis, these were our most-read “Malpractice Consult” columns online from 2017.
Damage from ureteral stent results in $8.5 million verdictIn this "Malpractice Consult" column, Dawn Collins, JD, also discusses cases involving penile pain following cystoscopy, alleged failure to diagnose kidney obstruction, and death follow stent placement.
Severe pain after male sling implantation results in lawsuitThis "Malpractice Consult" column also includes cases involving scarring from penile injections and failure to remove a fragment from a penile implant.
Transplanted kidney found to be cancerous; patient sues
Missed kidney cancer diagnosis leads to death, legal action
Circumcision requiring revision surgery prompts lawsuitOther cases discussed in this column include ureter damage during hysterectomy, failure to follow up on kidney mass, and incontinence following pelvic organ prolapse surgery.
Patient sues after stapler misfire leads to rectal tear
Top 5 malpractice articles of 2016Discussion of cases involving alleged delay in testis cancer diagnosis, bowel perforation during robotic radical prostatectomy, and arterial injury during nephrectomy were among the most read “Malpractice Consult” articles from 2016.
Did on-call’s refusal to provide consult lead to loss of testicle?
Did on-call’s refusal to provide consult lead to loss of testicle?
Patient sues after arterial injury during nephrectomy