10 ways to improve patient data securityMore than 80% of security breaches result from human errors
How will health IT trends evolve in 2017?
How will health IT trends evolve in 2017?Waves of predictions about the health IT industry roll in at the end of every year. But how accurate were they in 2016?
6 steps to survive a ransomware attack
6 steps to survive a ransomware attackHere are the six tips I learned to help survive a ransomware attack.
Ransomware attacks present growing threat for hospitalsCyberattacks based on ransomware—hacking into a computer system and holding it hostage until the victim pays to regain access—are on the rise.
How cyberattacks can impact physiciansData thieves are getting craftier with their methods—and are actively targeting healthcare records.
Don’t expect legislative defenses against cyberattacks anytime soonDoctors and others in healthcare who were hoping to see some immediate relief from cyber attacks thanks to the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015 will need to wait until next year before they begin getting any help, say those familiar with the legislation.
Centene data breach underscores escalating problemAnother health insurer is facing a major healthcare data breach. Here’s how cybersecurity experts are reacting.
Four cybersecurity mistakes health plans makeTo help ensure you are doing all you can to prevent a security breach, we asked the experts to weigh in. Here they identify four of the biggest mistakes health plans are making.
Top cybersecurity mistakes health organizations makeDon't let your healthcare organization's information be compromised. Watch out for these common mistakes.
Tips to improve cyber security and protect your practice's finances
Tips to improve cyber security and protect your practice's financesSmall practices often have the weakest security, experts say, leaving physician vulnerable to considerable threats.