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How to Deal with Your Worst Customers
How to Deal with Your Worst CustomersAll pharmacists have faced a bad situation with a customer. Here are some tactics for  turning it around—and what to do when you can’t. 
If Your Patients are Grumpy on Sundays and Happy on Thursdays, That May be Usual
If Your Patients are Grumpy on Sundays and Happy on Thursdays, That May be UsualIf your patients are grumpy on Sundays and happy on Thursdays, you may not be alone.
Handling patients who want you to adjust glasses purchased onlineGone are those simple days when nearly all patients purchased glasses from their eye doctors’ offices. Online eyewear vendors have exploded onto the scene, and the fallout includes the doctor/patient relationship.
How to effectively handle dispensary complaintsHaving a clear understanding of expectations from optical dispensary consumers is key to being able to resolve complaints.
How your practice can learn from successful companies
How your practice can learn from successful companiesAn optometric practice is a business just like any other business where the same rules apply—revenues minus expenses equals profit. Too many times we borrow ideas from mediocre businesses, practices, and people.
Practice Innovators: Building for success
Practice Innovators: Building for successIn this Practice Innovators profile, Medical Economics looks at how John Kulin, DO, makes customer service an important part of treating patients.
We’re here to serve you – really!Make it easy for patients to use and love your practice by prioritizing the patient experience and see repeat business, referrals, and revenue grow.
Premium customer service takes your practice from good to greatWhat does it mean to have a premium practice? What does premium customer service deliver? These are common questions posed to medical practices and businesses as they seek out advice on how to thrive in today’s ever-competitive environment.
Learning from the healthcare customer experienceToday, rating systems are driving consumer decisions in virtually every U.S. industry. A single “gold standard” for customer ratings has yet to emerge in healthcare, and providers and payers are focusing more than ever before on the customer experience – how patients evaluate everyday interactions with their care and service providers.
How patients perceive your practiceMany of the traditional descriptions we use for areas of our practices have become outdated. As things change in our practices, we tend to force new methods and techniques into old categories.