culturally-sensitive care

Practicing cultural sensitivity in the officeConversation depends on two people talking to each other and, hopefully, being heard and understood. But there are a host of unspoken cues that are conveyed which have nothing to do with words—but have everything to do with interpretation and meaning.
Pharmacists take MTM to seniors in their homes
Pharmacists take MTM to seniors in their homesA Texas med-adherence program tailored to the cultural and linguistic needs of seniors brought pharmacists to patients in community-based residential facilities.
Creating culturally competent patient careHaving an understanding of cultural norms can help identify and mitigate many of the cultural barriers that negatively impact quality and perpetuate disparities in health and health care, especially among racial and ethnic populations who frequently are at increased risk for certain ocular morbidities like glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.
Tips for serving Hispanic patientsDuring the American Academy of Optometry’s Academy 2014, Hector C. Santiago, OD, PhD, dean of the college of optometry at the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, said he believes cultural competence “will drive success in the new face of America.”
Multicultural markets offer wealth of opportunitiesHalf of the U.S. population will be part of one racial or ethnic minority group or another by 2050, presenting both challenges and opportunities to optometrists nationwide. It definitely won’t be business as usual.