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Predicting rhinoplasty outcomesA recent study provides evidence that patients perceive improvement in nasal function after surgery, regardless of mental status.
A cheeky fellowDr. Joe Niamtu’s go-to procedure for mid-face rejuvenation involves using cheek implants, an approach that’s relatively easy, safe, permanent and reversible.
A combined approach for the Brazilian Butt LiftTreating cellulite around the buttocks helps to achieve optimal results when gluteal fat grafting.
5 Tips for Marketing SuccessAdopt these strategies for marketing your practice to get results without breaking the bank.
Make your medspa profitableOne expert shares four specific ways to hold your spa staff accountable to meet your medspa’s sales goals.
Revisiting KybellaKybella generated a lot of buzz when it was approved in 2015 as an injectable treatment for double chins. What do physicians have to say about it three years later?
A critical examination of facial expressionWhat happens when facial expressions don’t match up to what people see as “natural”? Meet artist Gary Faigin, The Face Doctor of facial expression.
Understand the trends, better serve patientsASAPS reports that two-thirds of all cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. are now minimally invasive.
Cosmetic procedures and isotretinoin usePerforming common cosmetic procedures on patients on isotretinoin is safe, according to a new consensus.
Building a killer social media strategy
Building a killer social media strategyDone right, social media should bring in a steady growth of followers and website referral traffic, more visibility and social validation.